No hassle

We will take care of everything — from preparing your apartment to lucrative bookings.

Higher earnings

Based on real data we can say the most important number is earnings, not occupancy.

You will not need to do anything

We guarantee you passive income and freedom to do what you want.


Attractive returns and happy guests are results of many complicated. We take care of that.

Preparation of a property

Preparation of a property for short-term rent from equipment to interior details and quality bed linen — we know what is needed and what is not necessary.

Optimised profiles

The largest global reservation platforms — Airbnb, — are our partners. We know very well what is needed to have optimal occupancy of a property and it would generate attractive return.

Guest support and communication

Automated emails and messages with check-in details, house rules and descriptions for guests. All of that to make guest experience superb.

Daily monitoring of prices and occupancy

Technological tools and a strong experienced team take care of daily adjustments of prices and occupancy to ensure maximum returns.

Professional team of housekeepers

We created a special app for our housekeepers which makes their job easier and lets us ensure high quality of cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance.

Learn how much your property can earn

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About Houseys

Professional short-term rent management. Technological tools and the strong experienced team ensures optimal occupancy and attractive return for property owners.
We are rapidly growing and managing attractive and stylish apartments in the central parts of Vilnius and Kaunas.

Houseys in numbers

Properties under management 70.
Properties under management in Vilnius 50.
Properties under management in Kaunas 20.
Properties being prepared for short-term rent 40.




Typically, 25-30% (incl. VAT). We take care of everything 100%: consult property owners on how to prepare their apartment(s) for short-term rent. We’ve got a detailed list of things needed for a proper preparation for short-term rent. We’ve also got trustworthy suppliers for high-quality, hotel-like bedding. We’re also in charge of preparing optimised apartment profiles on worldwide booking platforms (Airbnb, Booking & others), syncing it with dynamic pricing tools that lets us bid for a higher price. Which means higher revenue for our clients, property owners.

Trustworthy & professional team of housekeepers takes care of cleaning and other nice touches in the apartments that we manage. They’re provided with an app for convenient task management & quality control – the apartment is photographed after each cleaning.

Every month our clients get detailed monthly reports about the previous month. That’s why we’re always saying: let us take care of an attractive returns & impeccable care of your property.

Usually it is around 70%. But is it the most important number? We think that generating an attractive revenue is much more important. We can reach even a 100% occupancy but if the revenue won’t be satisfying, our clients won’t be happy.

We’ve reached from 20% to 200% increase in revenue for our clients, compared to the market average. But if you’d really like to know the occupancy numbers, it’s around 80% during high-season & around 60% during the off-season. Based on that and on the average price (that varies depending on apartment, location & other factors) we estimate a revenue potential for our clients’ apartment(s).

In most of the cases – more than from long-term rent. As mentioned, revenue from short-term rent is usually higher than from long-term rent. There’s a form on our website which you can fill and find out how much can your apartment potentially generate from short-term rent. It depends on quite many factors: location, floor planning, representation (preparing for short-term rent, proper preparing for a photo shoot, etc.), profile optimisation, dynamic pricing tools, additional revenue streams (like contracts with different international, relocation companies). So we invite you to fill in the form & we’ll get in touch with you!

We have a detailed 58-point list on what’s needed to properly prepare your apartment for short-term rent. From an ironing board and iron to the best, quality bedding. Talking of which, you can find a huge variety of bedding & we know which one is the best: highest quality, hotel-like, the one that is long-lasting and also not the most expensive one. As you can imagine, each apartment is very different but the more cozy it is and the more attractive it is presented, the better!

From time to time, our team members are staying in the apartments that we manage to understand if everything is fine & ready for guests. And that gives us a better understanding on how to properly prepare an apartment for short-term rent. And that’s how we can be the best consultants for our clients. We can also take care of all the preparation ourselves and we see that more and more clients choose that option.

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