What Are Apartment Hotels And Why Should You Try Them Out?

You might have already come across the term apartment hotel or apart-hotel in the past. Perhaps, you’ve even stayed for a few nights at one. But do you know what exactly is an apartment hotel and why a lot of international hotel brands are heavily investing in this market segment? Houseys will try to answer these and a few other questions in the following article.

What is considered an apartment hotel?

As the name already suggests, it’s a combination between the best features of a traditional hotel room/experience and a short-term rental apartment stay. In most cases, the apart-hotel would consist of at least 4 separate units and usually each one would have its own living & kitchen area or at least a communal one. Furthermore, apart-hotels often don’t have a physical reception area but manage the whole customer service process remotely via online or phone communication.

Who usually stays at apartment hotels?

The main target audience of apartment hotels are business travelers who are visiting a city for a longer time period than just a day or two. They might be used to some of the comforts that a traditional hotel offers but for a longer stay they would also like to have the option of preparing meals for themselves and have a more spacious living area. In most cases, this will also be a bit less expensive than staying at a traditional hotel for a period of one or two weeks, especially if you count in the money you’d save on eating out for each meal.

Another large group of people who prefer staying at apart-hotels are tourists and families who tend to look for all the comforts of home when traveling abroad. Apartment hotels are an ideal option for such families that need multiple bedrooms as well as a common living/kitchen area. You’ll find everything that’s needed to prepare a lovely meal, not just a kettle and a couple tea bags as in most hotel rooms.

Apartment hotels are also a viable option for those that for any reason are between homes. This can be a good temporary accommodation option while you’re looking for your next home but don’t want to give away all the benefits you enjoyed when living at your own place.

Benefits for investors & owners

When looking at apart-hotels from the investor’s or owner’s perspective, there are a few benefits this type of accommodation provides compared to hotels or separate short-term rental apartments. If properly managed, apart-hotels can provide a higher return-on-investment (ROI) with less headache when dealing with guest issues.

It’s also completely possible to run an average size apartment hotel (10+ units) remotely without any staff on the premises (except for the housekeeping team). This obviously has a significant positive impact on the overhead costs of the business. Managing an apartment hotel is also a lot more convenient than managing the same number of units in the form of separate apartments all over the city – both from an operational and time efficiency standpoint.

Houseys experience in managing apartment hotels

Since the October of 2018, Houseys has successfully been managing an apartment hotel in Kaunas city center called Kaunas Garden Apartments. The 10-unit apart-hotel is managed remotely by the Houseys team in Vilnius and Kaunas and our housekeeping team is keeping it nice and tidy for every guest. More recently, we took over management of another boutique apartment hotel in Kaunas, did a proper staging, rebranded the property as well as optimized it on all of the short-term rental platforms, connected the tech tools needed & so on. We also have 5+ apart-hotel projects in our pipeline for 2020 in Vilnius & Kaunas and we hope to replicate the success in Riga, Latvia.